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Chocolate Bunnies

Hoppy Easter!

About This Project

This animation was created to celebrate this festive time of year when we should all be enjoying chocolate. It’s a nice way for our artists to bring their collaborative ideas to fruition and have some fun, even if a little bit dark chocolate sometimes!

The concept for ‘Hoppy Easter’ was based on the classic film The Shining’s blood pouring elevator scene. Two bunnies were modelled, one chocolate which became the evil twins and the other a realistic model. A custom character rig with muscle system was used for the realistic bunny which was then animated running down a corridor.

Two sets of corridors were created and lit, paying close attention to the details in the set dressing from the original film. The pouring chocolate was created in Maya’s Bifrost and took many hours of simulation and re-simulation to match the thickness of chocolate as it moves differently to water and other liquids. The end result was then comped together in Nuke adding final touches like grade and depth of field.

Concept & creation by lead artist Simon Goodchild and the team
With special thanks to Ben Hudson & Ben Osborn for audio creation

Liquid Sim – Wireframe Corridor
Liquid Sim – Clay Corridor
Character Animation – Bunny Rig
Character Animation – Bunny Jump