Becel Petals

What we did

Direction / CGI Illustration / Post Production


Becel required a new set of hero imagery to feature in their latest advertising campaign. These stills would be constructed from three specific flower petals. Photography and composting were all our first thoughts, but as individual petals were not in season, the only option was to re-create them fully in CGI.


Although we love to shoot complex projects like this, the petals only appear in a tiny window each year. Our only solution was to recreate the hero imagery using CGI models and Illustrations.

The luxury of CGI meant that not only did the client get to craft their campaign of choice off-season, they also had the creative freedom to build more complex shapes for the final imagery.

Using CGI simulation techniques, we animated thousands of petals falling onto the floor. We controlled the physics so they would primarily make the hero shape required but one by one we re-work each petal to slot perfectly into place.