The taste of carnival

An integrated above the line campaign launching their new chocolate range.

Godiva was launching a new and exciting range of unique carnival-themed chocolates and luxury drinks. They wanted to highlight a taste lovers journey through their signature flavours. The hero above the line campaign also needed supporting stop motion animation and social content, all of which needed to be captured using their original products and ingredients throughout.

Shooting chocolate on the hottest days of the year, easy! We were sent over a large box of chocolates to devour, photograph and film for the hero campaign. Also accompanying the tasty chocolates were the luxuriously smooth Chocolixir shakes, which tempted everyone on set during the sweltering summer heat. As we needed to use the actual product and not cheat anything with models or digital trickery, we partnered with a great team of food stylists and home economists to help keep our treats in good order. We split our production days so we could simultaneously film and photograph all assets as efficiently as possible. Saving us time and allowing us to re-use the new products and ingredients shared throughout the days.

The result was a premium tool kit of imagery used to launch this new, exciting and tasty range.

How we did it

Range Launch

Master slide slide slide

slide Master slide
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