Monkey Shoulder

Cocktails made easy

Thumb Stopping cocktail content, with traditional stop motion animation.

Monkey Shoulder whisky wanted to break the status quo of a typical whisky drinker. Their task was to design and craft a campaign of visual assets that would appeal to a newer, younger audience and help break the misconception associated with traditional whiskey drinks.

It was clear that we needed to create some excellent thumb-stopping content that would not be throw-away. We wanted to get the viewer to keep coming back for more. Whether understanding the recipes or trying out new cocktail options, we aimed to make a series of films and stills that embodied the brand’s more playful nature. It’s not every day your prop list includes 27kg ice blocks, a Hot Wheels track set and modelling balloons! Our team of stop-frame animators and specialists animated every element you see in the videos, including the (very patient) models!

The Operators are a class act. Be sure to get them involved early on, as they really get behind the creative concepts and work them hard to make the final output outstanding. We are all very impressed with the effort from their whole team and the attention to detail that has gone into the films.

Dan Jerrard

Creative Director

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