Mycogen Seeds


What’s in your seed bag? Mycogen have one of the largest genetic portfolios in the world. They have a team of retailers and agronomists who are local experts — all to provide the customer with everything they need to grow.

Briefs like this really do excite us so it was safe to say we were over the moon when Bader Rutter wanted to bring us on board and gave us the chance to pull up our slacks and mix our love of practical, in-camera, stop motion animation, photography and set building with a fine sprinkle of our usual post production magic.

Shooting a series of high quality films like this coupled with a stills campaign, meant that we needed to sound the horn and call upon our perfect team. This was no easy shoot, from complex pre-visualisations, through to months of set building, this “little” landscape ended up being over 25ft wide. Nevertheless, our digital animation team blocked out and visualised the full scope of movement before a single model was built. This meant that our model makers and the team at Bader Rutter had the blue prints and confidence needed that we were going to create a great campaign.

Stop Motion is a true art form; from the complexities of camera positioning, to the delicate lighting and art direction needed to bring the environments to life, all these details coupled with frame by frame animation helped bring the final campaign to life.

Check out our behind the scenes film below and see the lengths we went to, to bring these films, stills and cinemagraphs to life.

Pre-Vis Blockout

Epic Model Landscape, Stop-Motion & 100kg of Seeds

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