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Crafting a practical and tactile solution to highlight their customers touch points.

Mycogen has one of the world’s largest genetic portfolios and was looking for a visual way to highlight its customers’ various touchpoints for their latest campaign. From retail, agronomists to local experts and farmers, this fully integrated campaign needed to work across all their sales channels.

Briefs like this excite us, so we initially researched their customer demographic and drafted a more practical style mood board. It was apparent that keeping the campaign as authentic as possible in the visual story and style was the right solution. Therefore, we designed, produced and shot a more practical, in-camera aesthetic using model making, stop motion animation and photography to craft this charming set of stills and films. All imagery was handmade and shot in a versatile way to deliver a fully rounded visual tool kit of content.

Check out how we made it below.

Master slide Master slide
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