OneWeb Constellation

What we did

Concept Development / Creative Development / Direction / CGI / Motion Graphics / Animation / Post Production


Oneweb is an exciting state of the art organisation who needed a set of films to tell their story at their launch event. Our role was to help develop a new visual language which complemented their brand ethos and highlighted complex processes into bitesize digestible content.

With Oneweb being at the cutting edge of technology, our responsibility was to help explain their next-gen bandwidth system and how it benefits their audience.


Part of Oneweb’s vision is a commitment to a debris-free space, and so we wanted to orchestrate a visual language that mirrors this.

After some exploration and development, we designed a clean and pristine cinematic identity that allowed for easy viewing while still delivering essential and complex information.

To help tell their story, we accompanied the films with a friendly female narrator and boiled down complex technical information into light-hearted, warm, informative films.

Hero Animation