RBS & NatWest Mobile Banking

What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / Filming / Photography / Post Production


RBS & NatWest offer a service which brings a banking branch to its customers. Mobile banking provides a unique and very personalised service which helps local people with all their banking needs.

The story was to document a typical working day of these ‘mobile banking branches’ and highlight the warmth and humility that the local customers gain from this helpful service.


We follow two parallel stories in this campaign all shot in a doco style theme. These fly on the wall films tell the journey of two mobile branches as they make their way around small villages in Scotland and the Midlands.

They drive their personalised van like “Morag” through some beautiful locations and meet customers along the way. We ended up turning the van into a fully mobile camera unit by using DSLR’s and small cams throughout the setup. By turning the van into a portable multi-cam studio, we could document all angles of a typical day without spending many hours on set up between locations and alienating the customers attending the branch. Our goal was to capture natural, authentic moments throughout the day and piece together a real story of customers’ new relationship with the mobile banking branch.

We shot over one hundred hours of video content for the mobile branch, which were then meticulously cut down into short two minute films. The overall result was an authentic, heartwarming set of films that showcase how a mobile bank can support the community.

RBS – 30 Second Spot

RBS – Full Film

NatWest – Full Film

Behind the Scenes