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Creating an evolving year-long social campaign for their QLED TV launch.

We had an excellent opportunity to work closely with Samsung’s in-house agency to produce over a year’s worth of visually stunning Samsung QLED goodness. Our overall goal was to keep the production and creative fresh, dynamic and without production limitations.

The year-long campaign utilised our versatility and production know-how to effectively shoot, animate and deliver a vast array of premium social media and online content.

Crafting premium social content is about being nimble, experimenting with processes, and utilising different techniques and mediums when embarking on a project. For a brand like Samsung, it meant creating high-end quality visuals while still delivering the quantity social content demands, all on a more streamlined budget.

From beautifully shot lifestyle photography to CGI animated tropical fish, this epic amount of premium social high-end imagery was crafted and directed to highlight Samsung’s flagship QLED TV’s range, quality and functionality.

How we did it

Scott & Ben are proper gents of the highest order, combining bags of can-do attitude and a fantastic eye for detail. They also happen to be lovely human beings, and an absolute delight to work with. Get some!

Ben Lunt

Executive Digital Director

Q Style

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