Sony Playstation

What we did

Concept Development / Creative Development / Direction / Shoot Production / Filming / Photography / CGI / Animation / Post Production


Sony’s in house creative team were launching a new premium in-ear noise-cancelling set of headphones. They were looking for a partner to help them develop and create a series of promotional materials for their launch day, including films, animations and stills.

The brief was to tell how these new noise-cancelling headphones can improve unwanted sounds when you are focused on gaming or everyday activity. They also wanted to highlight their flexibility across all audio devices.


Our primary focus was to keep the gaming experts in mind while not alienating potential new casual users. We started developing a full script and storyboards based on showcasing the product in a more lifestyle environment. We didn’t just want to animate your typical spinning product film. We decided on a mixed media, multi-disciplined approach combining CGI technical vignettes spliced with real-world lifestyle scenarios.

We delivered a tool kit of assets for their launch, which gave their team different weighted films for either the more avid technical gamer or the more casual user. The finished films, animations and stills highlight how universally flexible the headphones are while still being a real hardcore gamer-friendly product.

Technical Animation

Lifestyle – Film

Lifestyle – Stills