Virgin Atlantic

What we did

Direction / CGI Illustration / Animation / Post Production


Virgin Atlantic wanted to transform New York into a cityscape built of everyday objects. This cityscape highlighted how spending on their Virgin Atlantic credit card leads to free transatlantic flights.

We initially brought this first idea to life by creating hundreds of everyday objects in CGI. We then art directed these household objects into the New York cityscape. We also elevated this hero print campaign into a more digital friendly animated billboard by transitioning the landscape from day to night.

Following on from the first campaign’s success, VA wanted to create a second more global looking image. We carried on the concept of everyday items, quickly adding up to air miles, but the second image involved creating a globe made entirely of these.

These CGI illustrated images are still a favourite of ours and very quickly demonstrates why CGI can be an excellent medium for big visual ideas.

Cityscape – Stills

Cityscape – Motion

Globe – Still