Walls Swedish Glace

What we did

Direction / Character Design / Photography / CGI Illustration / Post Production


Swedish Glace was launching a new re-brand of their dairy-free ice cream. They wanted to build a playful environment bursting with texture, character and charm. The campaign was focused on multiple ice cream characters using cheeky puns to describe their products’ uniqueness.

Finally, the hero characters, environments and visual language all needed to be easily adaptable for all advertising markets.


We initially experimented with real ice cream to try and find the perfect melt. The perfect melt is that optimal moment in time where ice cream looks it’s most delicious.

We used time-lapse photography to document this moment by assigning a frame number to each key stage. Once we found the perfect melt, we rolled up our model making sleeves and set off to design and craft the perfect little ice cream character. On design, we applied subtle character features to give our characters personality.

We needed to be careful as the slightest change in line, or eye placement changed our characters charm. Once our physical model was built, we 3D scanned our characters into our paper crafted environments. The final key visuals were cool and inviting, launching the re-brand of Swedish Glace with wit and charm.