Ideas : Amplified

We are integrated creative
solutions specialists. We blend
craft with technology to amplify
your ideas.

Our Approach


We are reinventing image making

The average 30-second TV spot costs tens of thousands of pounds a second to produce. Now, in a world of integrated digital communications, that budget has to support multiple creative executions across many channels, devices and outputs - without compromising impact and engagement.    

Technology is Creative

We practice technology as a creative discipline because the two are now inextricably connected. Amplifying ideas across multiple media can only be done by bringing technology to the fore and engaging with it every step of the way.

High Standards

Every creative idea needs individual treatment; we are committed to an approach that combines innovation with the highest quality of craft throughout our processes. Our team brings together diverse craft, creative and technical perspectives in order to maximise engagement with your idea.

Creative Support

We work in conjunction with you to build a creative solution that takes the idea across all delivery platforms while retaining brand consistency through a completely connected look and feel.


Human engagement with media, content, communications and devices constantly evolves as technology advances. Through continuous research and development we are always assessing best practice - to empower ideas through integrated delivery.


We have structured our studio to flex and retract according to requirements. We've removed departmental, skills-based silos, replacing them with agile working processes, so our approach is responsive and iterative throughout the key stages of creation, managing and delivery.


Our teams are built of ‘T’ shaped people who have both a core craft skill and the ability to communicate across multiple disciplines. This allows us to partner with agencies, digital and print departments to create seamlessly integrated concepts across multiple media. We are sharply focused on ensuring ideas stay true to their core value whilst connecting with consumers on all touch points, resulting in a true integrated experience.

  • Values
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Creative Excellence
  • Curiosity
  • Bravery


  • Kai Bastard

    CEO & Creative Partner

    Since founding The Operators in 2007, Kai has played a significant role in shaping the company's creative vision. He has harnessed his background in conceptual arts to enhance users' experience of a wide range of media by combining storytelling with high quality content creation. This has allowed The Operators to become the first global creative solutions company that focuses purely on integrating content across multiple platforms while retaining brand consistency.

    Kai is now driving the company's organic growth and building a strong internal culture that is fuelled by innovation, whilst also taking responsibility for developing new products and creative solutions. View LinkedIn profile
  • Ben LeTourneau

    Creative Director

    Ben is a hybrid thinker. With an MA in Animation, he started building the foundations of his career within VFX software and technology companies. Mixing his passion for innovation and creativity, Ben has helped's propel multiple creative technology startup businesses to global scale. These business ventures included the launch of global VFX products and a new contemporary advertising stream known as digital product placement. After cutting his teeth on these pioneering creative tech enterprises, Ben decided to break out and focus on new ventures in which he is both owner and leader. Joining The Operators as Creative Director and Partner in 2010 has allowed him to blend his passions for innovation, technology and creativity to become the driving force behind our unique integrated delivery solutions. View LinkedIn profile
  • Scott Freeman

    Chief Operations Officer

    At the tender age of 16, Scott started his career - in the pre-press industry. He subsequently worked his way into the leading post-production facilities in London, where he ran, managed and maintained productivity and quality control throughout all stages of image creation/manipulation on global accounts. With his indisputable knowledge of colour management and his overall technical prowess, Scott is one of the industry's most sought-after image creation talents.

    In 2010 Scott joined the Operators, becoming partner & COO. Now the heartbeat of the company, he applies his operational and leadership expertise to an agile workflow that is both optimised for efficient delivery of current projects and enables the company to scale as it pursues carefully-managed growth. View LinkedIn profile