What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / Filming / Photography / Time-lapse / Animation / CGI Illustration / Post Production


We had an excellent opportunity to work closely with Samsung’s in-house agency to produce over a year’s worth of visually stunning, Samsung QLED goodness. Our overall goal was to keep the production and creative fresh, dynamic and without production limitations. The campaign utilised all of our creative versatility and production know-how to effectively shoot, animate and deliver a vast array of social media and online content.

From beautifully shot lifestyle photography, through to CGI animated tropical fish, this epic amount of high-end imagery was crafted and directed to highlight Samsung’s flagship QLED TV’s range, quality and functionality.

Check out a selection of our favourites below.

Imperfect Perfect – Stills

Imperfect Perfect – Motion

Imperfect Perfect – Behind the Scenes

There’s Colour – Stills

Q-Style – Motion

Q-Style – Behind the Scenes