E.ON Lights

What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / Photography / Animation / CGI / Post Production


As you can tell, we love a neon glow! E.ON needed an efficient, creative production team to produce a set of versatile assets that would complement previous campaigns but bring something refreshing to the brief.

Different creative ideas presented various complexities, so finding a partner who could capture real-world locations, produce high-quality CGI elements, and tie everything together to deliver high-res, flexible imagery was essential for their campaign.


Although we love a practical effect, we knew that with an evolving creative brief and complex creative examples; a mixed media, in-camera and digital approach would be the best way forward.

We tracked down the perfect locations and captured a diverse set of environments to house our bespoke CGI icons. After capturing all photography, we headed back to our digital studio, gathering all the material from the different locations and constructed a series of mammoth compositions.

Our full-service production allowed us to utilise many of our skills and produce a series of enormous format stills and a set of digital billboard films that we all loved.



Behind the Scenes