As you can tell, we love a neon glow!

Partners Andrew Aldridge and E.ON had lot’s of great ideas for some fully integrated glowing imagery so we picked up our digital pixel sticks and waved our virtual wands around.

Although we love a practical effect here, we knew that with an evolving creative brief and some complex creative examples our mixed media in camera and digital approach was the best way forward.

We hit the road and headed to multiple locations. The journey started off in the capital, where we shot the lovely open spaces and crowds at London’s Westfield shopping centre. We then found ourselves in a greenhouse in the countryside. We spent the evening waving lights around and drinking beer, the results turned out fantastic. Another location was over at the National Rail HQ. (wow that place is big) This spacious building was top secret but lot’s of fun to explore and was the perfect setting for a large selection of scenarios.

After all locations were captured we headed back to our digital studio, gathering all the material from the different locations and constructed a series of mammoth compositions. We built a full range of CGI icons which were then perfectly integrated into each environment. Our full service production allowed us to utilise many of our skills and produce a series of extremely large format stills that we all really love.

Multi Locations & Neon Lights

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