Nestle Docello

What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / Photography / Post Production


The client came to us with a beautiful idea for a campaign to showcase the potential of Nestle’s professional chef product Docello. Their vision involved dynamic images of their product base swirling around completed crafted desserts.

So how do you capture a moment in time where you just hit the blend button on the mixer?


Our first task was to develop a custom tool to create these dynamic swirls. The swirls have to be full of energy; we also needed to capture them perfectly crisp successfully.

After many attempts, we built the “Whip O’Matic” contraption from a household drill! Cream and chocolate went everywhere, but we had so much fun making a complete mess. Once we captured all the flicks and swirls needed, we turned our attention to delicately handcrafted deserts all shot and lit perfectly to highlight the range of products the Docello mix offers.

Finally, we moved onto the complex creation of the final images. This involved piecing together the final swirls, embedding the deserts within them and then a last rich colour palette. Delicious!

Finally using the swirl theme as inspiration, we also supported the client in post-production for a supporting chefs campaign.

Swirls – Stills

Behind the Scenes

Chefs – Additional Campaign Stills