What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / CGI / Animation / Post Production


Choreographing an artistic way to highlight a patient’s life through their daily routine, with well over 2 minutes of continuous action needed in one take.

The goal was not to use any tricks, transitions or fakery and make this action sequence feel organic, intimate and seamless. We had our work cut out.


Working closely with the client, we put our thinking caps on and created a 3D pre-visualisation of our hero film. We built a one to one scale of the warehouse and blocked out all the needed action. This action included our hero actor’s movement, each micro room scenario and the complicated single flowing camera.

This pre-visualisation then became our production bible for client sign off, art direction and choreography. The final vision was to depict a patient’s journey with her rheumatoid arthritis via a series of micro real world installations throughout a large warehouse location.


Behind the Scenes