End Acid Violence

What we did

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A string of attacks had happened in London, and we wanted to raise awareness about the problem.

Our research led us to the charity Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTi), and after working closely with them, we later found out that this horrendous act is a global problem.

Our joint goal was to encourage the EU and the UK government to change their attitude and tighten regulation on acids’ sale.


Working closely with the Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTi) charity, we created a visual campaign to raise awareness of acid attacks as a global issue. ASTi and The Operators Creative teamed up with Belgian acid attack survivor and author Patricia Lefranc to help build a narrative around a survivor’s transition; through art.

The campaign highlights the impact acid attacks have on everyday people’s lives while bolstering Lefranc’s ongoing campaign to change legislation for the responsible sale of acid. We are pleased to say this campaign helped raise awareness globally and recently helped provoke the law changing here in the UK.



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