What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / Filming / Photography / Stop-Motion Animation / Post Production


A diabetes brand wanted to use their previous photoshopped sugar shaker visual as inspiration for a new fully integrated campaign. For a successful launch, the client needed as much content as possible, including stills, films and stop motion animations.

The aim was to build a tool kit of assets which can be repurposed for many years to come.


Five days of shooting and one hundred kilograms of sugar later, we had created a full suite of assets to help AstraZeneca launch their new diabetes treatment.

We handcrafted a large sugar shaker and used this as the bases of all our deliverables. This sugar shaker was no easy task; the complexities of blowing glass at this scale were tricky, but with some good old fashioned hard work and a little bit of glass magic, we brought their sugar shaker to life.

From then on, we planned an efficient week-long shot and captured time-lapses, films, stills and animations of a talented artist painting with sugar. Sweet!




Behind the Scenes