Fibre Landscape


McCann Health came to us with a vision of a lush countryside landscape made from the natural fibre based ingredients that make up this particular pharmaceutical product.

World building from scratch is what dreams are made of, so we set off to mock up what the potential countryside could look like. Once approved we worked closely with our model maker to establish the best produce needed to build the scene based on a definitive list of what we can include. Everything apart from the polystyrene base is edible, organic and full of goodness.

Originally this campaign was to be treated as a stand alone stills campaign however with some clever deconstruction photography techniques we were able to create a stop motion film which was included in the final campaign, much to the client’s delight.

Casting and shooting talent in a separate shoot completed the elements to construct the final deliverables. This was a very rewarding job that showcases our love of model making, photography and Stop Frame animation.

Stop-Motion Animation

Model Made, Food Landscape

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