Nurofen – Targeting Pain

What we did

Direction / Shoot Production / Filming / Green Screen / Animation / CGI / Motion Graphics / Post Production


Nurofen wanted to visualise a new set of data for their customers and team. This data needed to be highlighted through multiple films that were easy to repurpose for global markets.

The idea was to develop a series of templated films that were futuristic and engaging throughout, but could be easily tweaked in both graphics and voice over for any language.


Science, statistics & CGI simulation, a technical match made in heaven. Exploring some of the latest CGI simulation tools we animated and built three complex and informative films.

These films range from a one-off ‘mode of action’ story to more data-driven informational films, all bursting with the latest technical data. Each film contains a holographic, futuristic style, all of which is interacted with by our live-action consultant.

We join our consultant as he journeys through this mixed reality world full of holographic displays and statistics.

Hero Film

Templated Info Films